Only 100 of these were made before they were discontinued around 2000. It's a design that incorporates hi-tech with a familiar playing feel and one thing is for sure, you'll probably be the only one around that has one! This one is like new. 

     The bass is designed around the revolutionary Vaccaro neck which incorporates an aluminum T-bar with applied alloy headstock wrapped in a maple shell for comfort and feel. It has a rosewood fretboard that adds warmth to the design with 24 frets and a zero-fret for precise intonation. It's designed with speed in mind and measures 1 5/8" wide at the nut with 19/32" string spacing at the bridge. The bridge is a heavy machined design with high ration tuners to match.

     The poplar body is finished in gloss black and the cool pickguard gives it a space age look without being too far 'out there'. George Jetson was rumored to have owned one of these. The custom J pickups are matched to a 9-volt preamp with volume, pan and stacked bass/treble controls. The bass balances well and weighs in at 9 3/4 lbs, Comes with a deluxe Road Runner gig bag.

Hartke XK-5 USA 5-String Bass 1999

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